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Ferncast: Simple Solutions for Complex Connections

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Ferncast is a team of top developers in digital media signal processing and systems engineering from Aachen, Germany. Lead by Dr. Hauke Krüger, who is already known through multiple publications in the areas of digital signal processing, the Ferncast team develops new solutions to revolutionize the broadcasting industry. The capable minds of Ferncast include Dr. Bernd Geiser, Florian Wickert and Thomas Schlien, all of them veterans of Germany’s leading technical universities. Ferncast’s first project is the development and release of a suite of software solutions to enable broadcasters to eschew traditional hardware audio codecs in their audio transmission.

Dr. Hauke Krüger

The increasing amount of virtualization in operational processes desired in the workflows of broadcasters presents unique challenges but also opens up whole new perspectives. The reduction of required rack space and power consumption are just as much an advantage as the integration of further options for workflow optimization.    We see a great amount of potential there, amplified by our ability to offer new algorithms for the signal processing, options for capturing and transcoding as well as custom features to satisfy even unique customer desires. This is most likely our greatest strength.


Our main Products

aixtream SIP

This is the software module for broadcasting via SIP and RTP, precisely designed for these requirements. From connection setup to planning and more, aixtream SIP replaces conventional hardware audio codecs entirely.

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aixtream OTT

This is the software module for over-the-top streaming to the CDN. It is precisely tuned for the requirements of audio streaming services. Support for all modern formats, high security and optimal delivery to the CDN are ensured. aixtream OTT is perfect for broadcasters of streaming content.

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aixtream CAPT

The software module for very precise logging and capturing of audio data. Of course all modern formats are supported and highest security is assured.

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aixtream TRANS

The software module for transcoding an incoming audio stream into a different format. Thanks to the great variety of supported audio formats, bit rates and other parameters it is extremely flexible.

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aixtream RENT

The special rent option. The customer can specify exactly what features are needed which are then unlocked accordingly. This is perfect for users who only need some of the fernFeatures for a limited period of time and wish to save money at the same time.


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