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aixtream audio streaming and broadcasting software for any live audio application

Most solutions in the broadcast and playout industry are designed only for one specific kind application and cannot easily (or at all) be reconfigured to serve a different one. A system that is designed for streaming EDI/ETI over IP is not going to also output Icecast and HLS/DASH streams.

However, aixtream has this flexibility. This includes the ability to entirely reconfigure the purpose of an aixtream installation even long after the initial purchase. This is especially easy when no new hardware interfaces are necessary because the same kind of input/output ports are used.

You can purchase an aixtream installation with licenses configured for output of EDI/ETI streams and later turn the same installation into a playout system for webradio content after DAB+ has served its purpose. Alternatively, you can size the aixtream installation to serve both applications at the same time, using the same inputs!

Written by Tobias Dornbusch

Tobias studied International Professional Communication at the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences and devotes his skills in Technical Translation and Editing to various tasks here at Ferncast. As our foremost wordsmith he takes care of most kinds of communication, including documentation and support. He ensures that our communication including blogs is both professional and modern.

June 23, 2023

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