aixtream version 3.3.5 is now available!

new release of aixtream software

aixtream v 3.3.5 was released!  With this update, aixtream software supports even more new audio interfaces and sound cards. A special focus was on the support for Focusrite audio interfaces, like the Focusrite Scarlett 4i4. The audio interfaces from Focusrite have proven themselves to be a great option for connecting different kinds of analog inputs/outputs with aixtream at a compact size.

Moreover, new features have been added or improved in version 3.3.5 in addition to general bug fixing.

Among these features, customers can find: 

  • SRT output of MPEG TS (DVB-compliant)
  • Encrypted transport of MPEG TS (via SRT)
  • Improved FM monitoring (fernFM)
  • Improvements to the support of Shoutcast and ICY

What is SRT?

Secure Reliable Transport is a media transport protocol. It offers streaming of media content with lower latency and greater reliability compared to similar protocols. SRT is becoming an increasingly widespread choice among audio broadcasters too.

aixtream version 3.3.5 has been released to the customer base last Tuesday and version 3.3.6 was released today with general bug fixing. 

Learn more about aixtream, the audio streaming all-rounder software:

Written by Virginie Danker

Virginie studied at the EDHEC Business School in France and received her degree as Master-Marketing She has a lot of experience in the telecommunication industry and has lived in places all over the world, including Paris, Helsinki, Buenos Aires and Amsterdam before joining the Ferncast team in Germany as Marketing Manager. She is responsible for all marketing activities and planning, as well as being our PR contact at Ferncast.

March 17, 2023

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