Are you looking for the most flexible studio-transmitter-link?

Studio to Transmitter Link SLIM Ferncast

Are you looking for the most flexible studio-transmitter-link?

A wide selection of available encoding formats and transport protocols, flexible choice of input methods, multiple features to ensure secure and reliable communication — aixtream software offers everything that users need from their studio-transmitter-linkers. Highly efficient codecs like Opus and AAC (incl. xHE AAC) are available, as well as full Linear (16 and 24 bit). For transport, the most modern options, like the Secure Reliable Transport protocol (SRT) ensures safe delivery of the audio and stable connections. Whether users want to input existing audio from such diverse sources as the internet, DVB, DAB+ or FM signals or instead use local analog or digital audio sources, aixtream supports them all. In fact, a single system could use multiple different inputs as source for a transmission.

The simplest way to get aixtream advantages for your STL application is the Audio Codec Server SLIM. This product delivers all the merits mentioned above in a classic 19” form factor. Straightforward plug-and-play functionality in a convenient package with enough power for any STL application. Audio Codec Servers combine the advantages of tried and tested 24/7 aixtream COMPACT software and the flexibility and full scalability of server installation with the convenience of traditional hardware boxes.

Also convenient is the fast WLAN access to the user interface via QR code scan. This is in addition to regular network access. WLAN access is made fast and convenient — say “Bye!” to old-fashioned front panel control and control the audio codec just like you would on a computer and with the same range of functions. This makes monitoring operation of all links easier than ever before!

It is all you need to get your audio to the transmitter — securely and reliable!

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Options include:


Additional applications: SIP, OTT, DVB, AOD

Additional functions: Capturing, Loudness Control, WebRTC, xHE AAC

Written by Tobias Dornbusch

Tobias studied International Professional Communication at the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences and devotes his skills in Technical Translation and Editing to various tasks here at Ferncast. As our foremost wordsmith he takes care of most kinds of communication, including documentation and support. He ensures that our communication including blogs is both professional and modern.

April 27, 2023

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