Mayah Communications announced today a Marketing and Development Cooperation with Ferncast GmbH.

This cooperation will bring to the market innovative professional audio solutions to revolutionize the broadcasting industry.

 Online PR News 12 November 2019 – Munich, Germany

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 MAYAH is proud to announce a marketing and development cooperation with Ferncast GmbH.

 The traditional MAYAH brand which is known for more than the last 20 years in the broadcast market, standing for ISDN and IP audio codecs with product names, such as CENTAURI, IO, Ganymed, and others, joins the move into very modern cloud and virtual machine applications. Dr Hauke Krüger, CEO of Ferncast, said: “MAYAH is bringing their experience and their deep knowledge of the market, while Ferncast develops innovative broadcast solutions with their highly skilled developers team of PhD and Msc with a close relation to the RWTH Aachen University and the Institute of Communication Systems (IKS).”

 Ferncast offers new products which are based on the aixtream technology, which is a highly scalable cutting-edge software solution for all kinds of audio transmission applications yielding customization flexibility for broadcast and media customers.

 Detlef Wiese, CEO of Mayah, well known from his MPEG research and as an entrepreneur in the broadcast industry for decades added “The Ferncast team is creative, dynamic and experienced at the same time. It is a pleasure to work with them and an exciting big step for the broadcasting industry. I am sure that the customers will benefit from this cooperation and the resulting innovative professional audio solutions.”

 About Mayah Communications:  MAYAH Communications is a world-renowned manufacturer and developer of hardware audio codecs for the high-quality transmission of audio. The company has its headquartersin Munich, Germany. Theircustomers are international, ranging from radio and television broadcasters, to recording studios, reporters, commentators, voice actors and others. Since a few years theircustomer base also includes organizations in the security area.MAYAH offers a variety of different audio transmission solutions, mainly audio codecsdevices, but MAYAH also offers software apps for mobile audio transmission as well as cloud-based solutions and SIP server access.”

 About Ferncast GmbH: Ferncast is a team of senior developers in digital media signal processing and systems engineering from Aachen, Germany. Lead by Dr. Hauke Krüger, who is already known through multiple publications in the areas of digital signal processing, including significant contributions to the Opus codec algorythm, the Ferncast team develops new solutions to revolutionize the broadcasting industry. The capable minds of Ferncast include skilled experts from Germany’s leading technical universities. Ferncast’s first project is the development and release of a suite of software solutions to enable broadcasters to eschew traditional hardware audio codecs in their audio transmission.

 You can visit their newly redesigned website to read more about Ferncast and subscribe to their newsletter:

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