Ferncast has developed customized audio transmission solutions to meet the requirements of German football club 1. FSV Mainz 05.

1. FSV Mainz 05 started using the fernReport powered by aixtream software in 2019 for the live coverage and commentating of their football matches available via their online radio. The fernReport is a portable audio codec device with touchscreen controls. Powered by aixtream software it has been tuned specifically for responsive touch controls and Widgets specifically meant to facilitate effortless input. It is a great choice for stadium commentators.

From the beginning, the Mainz 05 people in charge were delighted  that the software supports online streaming and SIP phone calls simultaneously. In 2020, the football club asked Ferncast for the development of a specific aixtream Widget on the software’s Dashboard to allow them to control the active input and output directly from the Dashboard, for example switching between pre-recorded intro jingles and microphone input with a single click.

This new Widget also allows interacting with the fans already during the live stream. This way the commentators can discuss the game in real time. This simple and intuitive Widget makes it possible to handle the streaming as well as calls with players, coaches and fans at the same time and can record the audio too.

 “Until now we had to use various pieces of equipment for our requirements. Thanks to Ferncast and the fernReport we can now integrate experts and our fans into the program using a small and simple-to-use device and so enhance our live reporting on 05ER.fm”, said delightedly Udo Botzenhardt, Head of Content and Club Media, about the new technology.

Since aixtream software is a flexible solution, the menu can be customized to meet specific requirements in an easy and simple way. Ferncast and 1. FSV Mainz 05 are looking forward to more collaborations in the future.

You can visit their website to learn more about aixtream software:


About Ferncast GmbH: Ferncast is a team of senior developers in digital media signal processing and systems engineering from Aachen, Germany. Ferncast is specialized in high quality audio transmission, audio streaming, and recording solutions. They offer both hardware and software products for any live audio applications. They focus on virtualized solutions via their proprietary aixtream software. The Ferncast team develops new audio solutions to revolutionize the broadcasting industry.

 Contact info:

Virginie Davin-Danker


tel: +491622689389


Written by Virginie Danker

Virginie studied at the EDHEC Business School in France and received her degree as Master-Marketing She has a lot of experience in the telecommunication industry and has lived in places all over the world, including Paris, Helsinki, Buenos Aires and Amsterdam before joining the Ferncast team in Germany as Marketing Manager. She is responsible for all marketing activities and planning, as well as being our PR contact at Ferncast.

January 27, 2021

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