Ferncast products are officially certified by Akamai.

Alexander Leschinsky

Ferncast products are officially certified by Akamai.

Ferncast GmbH is proud to announce that its aixtream software and all aixtream-based products are certified by Akamai, the distributed intelligent edge Platform.

Online PR News 20 February – Aachen, Germany

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Ferncast’s software solution aixtream and all platforms powered by aixtream are now certified by Akamai as “Qualified Encoders” for MSL 3.2 & MSL 4.x. Customers of Ferncast are now assured perfect compatibility between aixtream OTT streaming systems and Akamai as CDN (Content Delivery Network).

aixtream software is the core of Ferncast’s offerings and marks the next level of live audio streaming and transmission platforms. aixtream is a customized scalable software solution for all live audio applications. While aixtream itself can be used as software installation or virtualization, it is running on all of Ferncast’s hardware solutions as well.

For OTT (over-the-top) streaming, aixtream contains everything needed to get internet radio programs in all desired formats to all kinds of end points, whether smartphones, kitchen radios or internet browsers. AAC, Ogg and mp3 are supported and even the all-new xHE AAC. The certification by Akamai confirmed that OTT streaming via aixtream fulfils all requirements and is utterly reliable to ensure the best audio streaming experience for the end user.

As a concrete case Deutschlandradio (DLR) is using Akamai as a CDN and aixtream for OTT streaming for its online radio offerings.

About Akamai:The content delivery network (CDN) is facing new challenges. Digital requirements, media streamingand the demand for multimedia are negatively impacting page load times. As the creator of the world’s premier content distribution network, Akamai is a leader in providing next generation content delivery network solutions.

G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky GmbH is a leading system integrator and managed service provider for the delivery of content over the public Internet. They are working closely with Akamai in Germany.

Alexander Leschinsky, managing partner of G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky Gmbh said: “G&L integrates and operates demanding solutions for customers in the OTT and broadcast environment. HLS is the most important transmission protocol also for audio transmission because it has the broadest support in the market and offers a high level of adaptability. When it comes to delivery, Akamai’s support is a must for us: no other CDN offers a comparable presence in end-user networks or secures the signal contribution through the explicit qualification of encoders. “

You can visit their multilingual website to read more about aixtream: www.ferncast.com/aixtream

 About Ferncast GmbH: Ferncast is a team of senior developers in digital media signal processing and systems engineering from Aachen, Germany. Ferncast is specialized in high quality audio transmission, audio streaming, and recording solutions. They offer both hardware and software products and they focus on virtualized solutions via their proprietary aixtream software. The Ferncast team develops new audio solutions to revolutionize the broadcasting industry.


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Written by Virginie Danker

Virginie studied at the EDHEC Business School in France and received her degree as Master-Marketing She has a lot of experience in the telecommunication industry and has lived in places all over the world, including Paris, Helsinki, Buenos Aires and Amsterdam before joining the Ferncast team in Germany as Marketing Manager. She is responsible for all marketing activities and planning, as well as being our PR contact at Ferncast.

February 21, 2020

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