AOD Audio Codec Server

The AOD Audio Codec Server family with aixtream COMPACT inside is the ideal hardware for audio on demand, podcasting and audio library creation. It includes everything you need for the audio file processing, metadata ingest, upload and archiving of audio on demand content, including podcasts. This solution allows you to take full control of your audio on demand workflow, but also keeps the process easy with the help from an extensive configuration wizard for fast and flexible parameter setup. Also included are automatic metadata-directed processing and output for the files — the maximal degree of automatization.


With Ferncast’s AOD family of products all of the requirments of audio on demand and podcasting are more than fullfilled. Use any file input of your choice, whether local or per download, to input the audio files and metadata and have them processed and uploaded to the CDN within minutes. Everything is fully compatible to a variety of CDN requirements (tested and certified by Akamai and others). Files can be processed for output as HLS, CMAF and DASH. Additional monitoring features for the audio on demand processing ensure that the user knows exactly what the status of the system it at any point in time. The sheer flexiblity of the ACS AOD means that it fits into every kind of system architecture and can be scaled based on your requirements.

A broad range of AOD scenarios are supported: Processing as HLS, CMAF and DASH as well as input via Samba, (S)FTP, HTTP, rsync or local. In addition, an expansive suite of monitoring and control features based on REST API, SNMP, Ember+ and NMOS ensure reliable operation and instantaneous alerting should issues arise. This makes the ACS product family the best all-in-one solution to handle your audio on demand content all under your control.

Besides the support of various file formats and the handling of meta data, loudness is a key element for an optimal workflow when processing podcasts and similar content.

Ferncast’s Loudness implementation is based on a EBU R.128 measurement of the signal in order to provide the best automatic algorithmic level adaptation of the audio signal. Consider our Loudness feature package to maximize the quality of your audio on demand file output.

Hot backup concepts include simultaneous outputs and a kind of loadbalancing across multiple sites. In the case of hardware failure, bought software licenses can also be transfered to a different hardware platform. In the case of full hardware failure, bought software licenses can also be transfered to a different hardware platform. If you are especially concerned with redundancy, make sure to pick a Redundant ACS.

Smart Control Applets can ensure that any errors in the audio on demand processing are automatically emailed or otherwise communicated to the administrators and technicians. Backup signals in the case of errors can also be configured. This automatization can also be used to make adjustments to the processing as necessary.

Audio Codec Servers are available for other applications and multiple applications can be combined in a single device.

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All ACS can be scaled and customized to fit your use case, workflow and environment exactly — and at a great price too.
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