LOUD Audio Codec Server

The LOUD Audio Codec Server family with aixtream COMPACT inside is the novel Ferncast hardware solution for use with our proprietary R.128-based Loudness processing. It can be used both for realtime and offline processing and covers parametrization suited for both environments. The very demanding requirements of sound engineers and editors in the field of audio production will be fullfilled with this new enhanced CLC implementation following EBU R.128 measurements for audio signals.


With Ferncast’s LOUD family you have a powerful tool to maximize the quality of your audio signal and achieve real added value for your listeners. Use an AES67, Livewire, Ravenna, MADI, AES/EBU or files as an input and have the LOUD ACS do its magic and output the Loudness-processed signals or files. The flexibility in regards to inputs and outputs ensures that it will fit seamlessly into your system architecture.

LOUD ACS can analyze the files and input signals fully automtically and make necessary adjustments according to our algorithm or can be operated by sound engineers and editors in realtime, so they can find the optimal parameters for their desired sound. The LOUD ACS can be easily combined with other audio use cases to create an audio-handling all-rounder.

Hot backup concepts include simultaneous stream outputs. In the case of hardware failure, bought software licenses can also be transfered to a different hardware platform. In the case of full hardware failure, bought software licenses can also be transfered to a different hardware platform. If you are especially concerned with redundancy, make sure to pick a Redundant ACS.

Smart Control Applets can ensure that the sound engineers are regularly updated about the system status and degree of Loudness adjustment.

Audio Codec Servers are available for other applications and multiple applications can be combined in a single device.

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