OTT Audio Codec Server

The OTT Audio Codec Server family with aixtream COMPACT inside is the ideal hardware for all web radio and audio streaming content providers, radio stations, labels, sport clubs and other who like to bring their audio to a wide range of listeners in an audio streaming format (HLS, Icecast and others). All established formats, protocol and encoders are included, to guarantee that every requirement is covered. The incorporated metadata ingest features (via HTTP) are modern, multi-faceted and easily automatized.


With Ferncast’s OTT family of products all of the requirments of webradio streaming are completely fullfilled. They support AES67, Ravenna, MADI or AES/EBU as input signals and all types of streaming protocols, such as Icecast, HLS, RTMP and Ybrid for the output, everything fully compatible to a variety of CDN requirements (tested and certified by Akamai, naamar and others). This also includes support for all the special features of the assorted streaming protocols, like multi-playlists for HLS. As the oldest aixtream application, Ferncast knows how to make OTT work and so the Ferncast ACS are the optimal solution for internet audio streaming and fit into every system architecture.

All kinds of OTT scenarios are supported: Icecast, HLS, RTMP and Ybrid. In addition, an expansive suite of monitoring and control features based on REST API, SNMP, Ember+ and NMOS ensure reliable operation and instantaneous alerting should issues arise. This allows the ACS product family to ensure a failure-safe operation of even the most large-scale applications. This solidifies OTT ACS as the most versatile OTT internet radio machine yet.

Hot backup concepts include simultaneous stream outputs which are then sorted out on the CDN side for maximal reliability. In the case of hardware failure, bought software licenses can also be transfered to a different hardware platform. In the case of full hardware failure, bought software licenses can also be transfered to a different hardware platform. If you are especially concerned with redundancy, make sure to pick a Redundant ACS.

Smart Control Applets can ensure that any errors in the streaming process are automatically emailed or otherwise communicated to the administrators and technicians. Backup signals in the case of errors can also be configured. This is especially useful in OTT use cases where there are many potential failure points.

Audio Codec Servers are available for other applications and multiple applications can be combined in a single device.

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All ACS can be scaled and customized to fit your use case, workflow and environment exactly — and at a great price too.
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