STL Audio Codec Server

The STL Audio Codec Server family with aixtream COMPACT inside is the most flexible STL (Studio Transmitter Link) platform available. The great freedom offered in regards to inputs, outputs and processing means that an STL ACS can be integrated into virtually every STL workflow and offer improved stability and expanded monitoring functionality. Any input can be converted into any output and all formats and protocols have been integrated with an eye towards compatibility and standards-compliance.


With Ferncast’s STL family you get one of the most flexible and efficient STL platforms on the market. Unlike other products, the STL ACS is not limited to a specific input/output scenario as it benefits from aixtream’s great flexibility in the handling of inputs/outputs. The flexibility in regards to inputs and outputs also ensures that it will fit seamlessly into your environment. This also includes the option to transcode or otherwise process the signal before it is sent to the transmitter site.

All kinds of STL scenarios are supported. In addition, an expansive suite of monitoring and control features based on REST API, SNMP, Ember+ and NMOS ensure reliable operation and instantaneous alerting should issues arise. This makes the ACS product family supremely suited to all STL scenarios and system concepts.

Hot backup concepts include simultaneous stream outputs. In the case of hardware failure, bought software licenses can also be transfered to a different hardware platform.In the case of full hardware failure, bought software licenses can also be transfered to a different hardware platform. If you are especially concerned with redundancy, make sure to pick a Redundant ACS.

Smart Control Applets can ensure that any errors in the transcoding process are automatically emailed or otherwise communicated to the administrators and technicians. Backup signals in the case of errors can also be configured. Users that often have to switch the incoming signal used, can create shortcuts to do so.

Audio Codec Servers are available for other applications and multiple applications can be combined in a single device.

Select your hardware

All ACS can be scaled and customized to fit your use case, workflow and environment exactly — and at a great price too.
Contact us if you think you cannot find an appropriate option for your use case. We will help you get exactly the product you want.