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The power of aixtream COMPACT Audio Codec Servers ACS includes both vertical and horizontal scaling, as not only can even the largest use cases be covered by ACS installations, but also multiple different audio transmission use cases using the same piece of hardware.

All ACS support quick access via Wifi in addition to the classical Ethernet connection. QR codes present on the device simplify the connection by allowing a technician to scan the QR code to make a hassle-free link and immediately begin monitoring and configuration of the ACS on their mobile device using the same GUI that they operate with browser access.

This avoids the various limitations of conventional front panel controls, which were already used less and less and adds real value in comfort and accessibility, as no aixtream COMPACT functionality is out of the operator’s reach with the mobile access. A final benefit is the lessened energy consumption. Always nice for the environment and your electricity bill.

aixtream 24/7 Software has now been in use by many major broadcasters for multiple years. During this time, it has matched and exceeded extremely high quality and stability demands. Everything that we have learned over these years was put into the aixtream COMPACT Audio Codec Server family. This offers users truly all of the advantages of aixtream in the most convenient package ever released.

The PIPE Concept makes audio stream and call configuration as simple as never before. A row of elements represents each aspect of the connection and coniguration is as easy as using drag-and-drop, while detailed configurations of the elements are available with a single click. Even complex connections can be set up in a few seconds and a minimum of clicks.

ACS take the advantages in customization that aixtream is known for and apply them to hardware solutions. You are sure to get a product that fits both the scale of your use case and has all the features — like audio I/O, redundancy, use of noiseless heat pipes — that you want. All the software-customizability you expect from aixtream included of course.

The capabilities of an ACS can also be expanded long after the initial purchase. Like other aixtream installations, our license model allows you to purchase additional licenses later — whether to add features you had no use for before or simply to scale up the number of supported programs. This products grows with your requirements.

Unlike other hardware solutions, the software licenses included in your ACS are transferable in the case of total hardware failure. In the unlikely event of your ACS ending up broken beyond repair after the warranty or any support contracts have expired, you can still use your licenses on a different hardware platform.