fernBerrie Radio

Streaming your radio program to all your listeners in all formats!

Reach more people with higher quality at lower bitrates

Do you know how much data is moved every minute to your listeners? How much bandwidth is used by audio streaming?

With their work and inventions, our team has contributed to worldwide standards in audio coding, so we know. Now, another big step in audio coding has been made by the Fraunhofer Institute: xHE AAC. It’s the greatest codec ever.


Listen for yourself:

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fernBerrie is the smallest hardware ever. Connect your audio and computer and you are ready. If you want, check your audio performance with us.

Reach more People

Increase your coverage with good audio quality at only 16kbps. Even in areas with poor reception your radio program will reach your listeners.

Excellent Service

Enjoy our excellent service even after purchase. Our team will always be of assistance with all your questions. We always have an ear for our customer!

Extremely Robust

A streaming solutions developed by audio codec inventors.

Highly Professional

While many alternatives are expensive or unreliable, the fernBerrie Voice combines professional audio streaming with the right price.

Maximum Quality

With mp3, OPUS and now xHE AAC.
  • Extremely affordable price, perfect if you require few simultaneous connections
  • Professional AES/EBU audio interface
  • Simple to setup and easy to admin
  • Supports all industry standards
Streaming your radio program to all your listeners in all formats!

Features Overview


  • 1 – 5 Streams
  • Ogg Vorbis
  • mp3
  • xHE AAC
  • Opus
  • AES67
  • 2 channel I/O
  • Radio
  • Streaming
  • OTT
  • RTP


One of the newest developments by the Fraunhofer Institute: Extended High-Efficiency AAC is the most developed audio codec algorithm yet. It achieves great audio quality even at bitrates as low as 16kbp/s and manages both speech and music equally well. This can help you to save up to 70% of your bandwidth while delivering similar or better results than before. For more information, click here

The fernBerrie Radio is the smallest streaming device ever! However, even with its small size it supports all industry standards and boasts enough power to carry out multiple audio transmissions at once. The more efficient algorithms enabling a surprising number of streams. It offers all you need for RTP and SIP transmission with any codec you like.

The fernBerrie Radio is perfect for anyone looking for a low-cost audio streaming solution and it is the most affordable solution powered by aixtream.

Industry Standards and broadcast technology :

All aixtream products represent the cutting edge of contemporary audio transmission and recording technology. All modern formats and protocols are supported and new developments are quickly adapted into the Ferncast repertoire. This shows itself in the wide range of available codec algorithms, including Opus, AAC, xHE AAC, mp3, Vorbis and more, and also in all the supported transport and streaming protocols. RTP and SIP are supported for classical broadcasting applications, just like HLS, RTMP and IceCast for OTT streaming. We are especially proud to support  DVB transmission. Finally, with our focus on cutting edge technology, input and output via AES67 is of course also possible.


The fernBerrie Radio is meant to be affordable even for tight budgets, e.g. smaller radio stations. If you are an independent radio station, the fernBerrie Radio powered by aixtream is the best solution for your needs.

Detailed Specifications

Noteable Hardware FeaturesExtremely small
optionally, AES67 I/O
Network I/O1x Ethernet Gigabit LAN
optionally +1 via USB
  • MP3
  • opt. Opus
  • opt. Vorbis
  • opt. AAC
Streaming Protocols
  • IceCast
  • opt. HLS
  • opt. RTMP
Other Features
  • Audio Recording
  • Audio Visualization
  • Smart Control Applets
  • VPN
  • Interface Bonding + VLAN

All mentioned features in the spec might be mandatory or optional depending on product and their composition. Please aks for a quotation which will reflect such details.