fernBerrie Studio

Get the talent voice to your studio!

The fernBerrie Studio is the smallest audio codec device ever! However, even with its small size it supports all industry standards and it is equipped with everything you need to get your high-quality audio transmission done well. It has all you need for RTP and SIP transmission with any codec algorithm you like and it is powerful enough to handle all conventional bitrates.

The fernBerrie Studio is perfect for anyone looking for a low-cost studio codec and is the most affordable solution powered by aixtream.

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  • Extremely affordable price, perfect if you require few simultaneous connections
  • Reliable connections assured
  • Simple to setup and easy to admin
  • Supports all industry standards
  • Opus, Linear and all other conventional algorithms supported
Get the talent voice to your studio!

Features Overview

  • 2 Streams opt. more
  • Linear
  • Opus
  • mp3
  • xHE AAC
  • AES67
  • 2 channel I/O
  • RTP
  • SIP

Professional Quality

The fernBerrie Studio fits into a hand, but offers great versatility at an affordable price. All studio-relevant RTP and SIP transmission applications are fully covered by its functionality. It also supports all professional and industry standards like encoding with Opus, AAC, xHE AAC, mp3, FLAC, Vorbis but also supports new developments like AES67 I/O and all of this with absolute reliability. It is the handiest companion for a sound studio.


The fernBerrie Studio is meant to be affordable even for tight budgets, e.g. smaller studios. If you do not need the additional features of a fernStudio Light, the fernBerrie Studio powered by aixtream is the solution you need.

Compact and powerfull audio codec

Not even audio codecs meant for portable use with on-device controls ever managed to get so compact. Logistics are made very simple when all you need is a device you can carry in one hand. Even if you use it entirely stationary, you will benefit from the saved space. What makes it even better to transport is that thanks to its POE power supply, you do not even have to carry around any additional PSUs or power cables.

Detailed Specifications

Noteable Hardware FeaturesExtremely small
optionally, AES67 I/O
Network I/O1x Ethernet Gigabit LAN
optionally +1 via USB
  • Opus
  • Linear
  • opt. mp3
  • opt. Vorbis
  • opt. AAC
Transmission Protocols
  • RTP
  • SIP