fernBerrie Voice

Transport your voice to the studio transparent and immediate!

Small and powerful – the combination of hardware and software for your voice transmission. As small as it is, as simple it is to set up and use. The fernBerrie Voice is trimmed down to perfection, equipped only with what you actually need. Get started with your work in a few minutes without worrying about the technology and focus on what is important: your voice work.

There is no smaller and more efficient for your voice transmission needs than the fernBerrie Voice.

All this makes fernBerrie Voice the perfect choice for your voice production needs.

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fernBerrie is the smallest hardware ever. Connect your audio and computer and you are ready. If you want, check your audio performance with us.

Your Connection to the Studios

Studios expect high audio quality from their clients. With fernBerrie Voice you join the leading edge and stay ahead.

Excellent Service

Enjoy our excellent service even after purchase. Our team will always be at your disposal for any questions. We always have an ear for our customer!

Absolute Reliability

With OPUS at 128 kbps and our advanced error corrrection method you can be sure your voice will be received crystal clear in the studio

Highly Professional

While many alternatives are expensive or unreliable, the fernBerrie Voice combines professional audio streaming with the right price.

Maximum Quality

OPUS already delivers a great quality, but if you need even more you can upgrade to FLAC for lossless quality.
  • The smallest audio codec device anywhere, exceptionally portable
  • Extremely affordable price
  • Simple to setup and easy to use
  • Absolutely reliable
  • A professional tool for your production
Transport your voice to the studio transparent and immediate!

Features Overview


  • 1 Stream
  • Opus opt. others
  • AES67
  • 2 channel I/O
  • Voice Transmission
  • RTP
  • SIP


Nowadays there are many ways to get your voice from A to B, but most are unreliable, prone to failure or low-quality. While most alternatives are very expensive for what they do, the fernBerrie Voice combines professional audio transmission capabilities with the right price for you.


The fernBerrie Voice is meant to be affordable also for freelancers who are working on their own . Doing their job should not be expensive and the fernBerrie Voice is the choice for doing it in a professional way at low-cost.

Detailed Specifications

Noteable Hardware FeaturesExtremely small
optionally, AES67 I/O
Network I/O1x Ethernet Gigabit LAN
optionally +1 via USB
  • Opus
  • opt. MP3
  • opt. Vorbis
  • opt. AAC
Transmission ProtocolsRTP