SIP connectivity in high density with 8 channel O/I in half 19!
The fernStudio is the perfect audio codec solution for sound and branch studios as well as OB vans. With only ½ 19” and 1 RU it offers more than any other codec of comparable size: 8 channels in and out simultaneously, analog and digital on board. Thanks to its AES67 support it can manage even more simultaneous connections than that for an incredibly high connection density. It is a universal audio codec solution combining classic codec applications with routing, mixing, recording and live requirements. All that in a compact package powered by aixtream.

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  • Smallest 8 channel analog / digital I/O audio codec
  • Compact 1 RU, ½ 19″ size
  • Modern user interface for fast and efficient connection setup
  • Perfect for transmission via SIP with OPUS, AA, and others

Features Overview


  • >10 Streams
  • Opus
  • AAC
  • xHE AAc
  • mp3
  • Ogg Vorbis
  • Linear
  • AES67
  • Analog
  • Icecast
  • HLS
  • RTMP
  • 8 channel I/O
  • OTT
  • DVB
  • SIP
  • Encrypt
  • Capture
  • Transcode

Small, but Powerful

The fernStudio is only ½ 19” and 1 RU but packs a lot of power and versatility into that package for high quality audio transmission over RTP and SIP. It can en/decode a large variety of codecs (including but not limited to Opus, AAC, xHE AAC, mp3, FLAC, Vorbis) and also take advantage of AES67. It also has power for all auxiliary codec features, like audio recording and analyzation, automatization, VPN and more. Rounding out fernStudio’s versatility are 4x headphone out..

Broad Codec and Protocol Support

All aixtream products represent the cutting edge of contemporary audio transmission and recording technology. All modern formats and protocols are supported and new developments are quickly adapted into the ferncast reportoire. This shows itself in the wide range of available codec algorithms, including Opus, AAC, xHE AAC, mp3, Vorbis and more, and also in all the supported transport and streaming protocols. RTP and SIP are supported studio and for classical broadcasting applications, just like HLS, RTMP and IceCast for OTT streaming. DVB transmission too is available, and with our focus on cutting edge technology input and output via AES67 is of course also possible.

Highly Customizable Controls

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the aixtream software for the customer is its exceptional customizability. This is especially important for the large number of diverse applications that each of our products supports. With a customizable Dashboard for instant control and monitoring, as well as as many search and filter functions for the fastest possible navigation, the GUI can do whatever you need it to. And should something, despite expectations, not fit your use case, we are happy to make adjustments for you as necessary.

Detailed Specifications

Form Factor1 RU, ½ 19″
Audio I/O
  • 4x AES/EBU I/O
  • 8x SYM I/O
Network I/O2x Ethernet Gigabit LAN
Storage128 GB SSD
USB Interfaces2x USB
Power SupplyExternal
  • Opus
  • MP3
  • G.722
  • Vorbis
  • Linear
  • FLAC
  • AAC LC
  • AAC HE
  • AAC xHe
Transmission Protocols
  • RTP
  • SIP
Streaming Protocols
  • IceCast
  • HLS
  • RTMP
Other Features
  • Audio Recording
  • Audio Visualization
  • Simultaneous Upload
  • Smart Control Applets
  • VPN

Interface Bonding + VLAN

All mentioned features in the spec might be mandatory or optional depending on product and their composition. Please aks for a quotation which will reflect such details.