Digital Audio Playout

Digital Audio Playout with Icecast, HLS, RTMP, Ybrid, DVB

Internet OTT audio streaming and DVB multiplex solutions

Digital audio playout for OTT streaming with Icecast, HLS, RTMP and Ybrid as well as DVB multiplexing is one of the original use cases our software aixtream was designed for. aixtream is streaming and broadcasting software for all live audio applications available as installable software or in plug-and-play hardware boxes. It features everything professional audio broadcasters need to set up digital audio playout systems of all kinds.

When your current encoding engine is outdated, too expensive to maintain or you are still using rigid hardware systems, with only one expert left to handle them, aixtream systems are the answer to set up a dynamic, customizable and cutting-edge audio streaming and multiplexing solution for all your OTT streaming (Icecast, HLS, RTMP and Ybrid) needs and it also allows handling of transcoding and multiplexing for DVB in various formats.

If you are annoyed by costs, errors and complicated configuration, our aixtream systems are the alternative you want. It supports all industry standards in codec algorithms, transport protocols and audio inputs.

aixtream OTT Software

Playout systems for professional audio broadcasters

Broadcast playout solutions have many unique requirements and with aixtream we are offering a solution which was built from the ground up to fulfill them. Our optimized playout solution covers:

  • OTT streaming (Over-the-top) for online radio including audio streaming in Icecast, HLS, RTMP and Ybrid DVB playout and multiplexing for radio including single program streams and multiplexing of multi program streams.

Besides being a flexible and professional solution, Ferncast’s aixtream allows you to save costs through an affordable scaling price and reduce physical space requirements and configuration complexity at the same time.

Get more features and formats, an outstanding range of supported standards, clear monitoring and highly efficient administration in all playout situations – all with a single product, which can be acquired as software installation for conventional computer or server hardware, which you may already have available.

aixtream DVB Software

One digital audio playout solution for every application

With our aixtream products you will find the best professional playout solution for your application. Whether you are handling a small online radio station or sit in the master control room of a major broadcaster, your online radio streams or DVB multiplex will get to your listeners with less effort and better quality. You can even manage your various online radio streams on the same system you use to process your DVB multiplex.

Playout features

  • easy management of even a high number of audio streams with the Ferncast PIPE Concept
  • all modern audio streaming formats supported, including Icecast, HLS, RTMP and Ybrid
  • all modern codec algorithms supported for all streaming formats, including the new Fraunhofer xHE-AAC codec for extremely high-quality and low-bandwidth streams, supporting mono, stereo and multichannel sources or inputs
  • Master stream groups for quicker management of programs in multiple bitrates or formats
  • fernLoud CLC R.128 enhances your Loudness Control a proprietary Ferncast implementation for automatic loudness normalisation, according to EBU R 128
  • Certified by Akamai CDN
  • Certified by nacamar CDN

Digital audio playout products

Join the broadcast revolution now and find the best product for you!

Ferncast playout software

For OTT streaming and DVB multiplexing, aixtream contains everything you need for your internet radio streaming in all desired formats to all kinds of end points, whether smartphones, kitchen radios or internet browsers. AAC, Ogg, AC-3 and mp3 are supported and even the all-new xHE AAC. Everything you need for uncomplicated, versatile OTT streaming.

aixtream software

The award-winning audio streaming all-rounder

You can install aixtream on a piece of hardware that fits in your hand and then operate it however you like.

Ferncast playout hardware boxes

If you want all the advantages that aixtream offers, but do not wish to use your own hardware, we offer some complete solutions of our own – aixtream and hardware inclusive.


The high-end server alternative

The fernStation is the perfect alternative to conventional server hardware for applications requiring a large number of output streams.


The affordable starter box

The fernBerrie is an uncomplicated all-in-one solution for smaller online radio stations. A very competitive price gets your audio streams to your listeners.

Digital Playout