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Ferncast: A software company which brings innovative solutions for live audio applications

Ferncast was founded in 2018 by Detlef Wiese and Hauke Krüger and combines expertise and experience in audio transmission and audio streaming technologies for radio and broadcasting industries. Half of the Ferncast team is made up of engineers all dedicated to the development of new features and innovations. We care about our customers and we support them from pre-sales and planning up to installation and getting into operation. And we offer them a 24/7 service.


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The future of radio: our vision

The Ferncast team has started software development three years ago to envision broad server installations and thus accompany this development, towards the future of broadcasting. There is a migration of live audio applications to servers and cloud services.

That’s why we have invested all possible resources to develop aixtream – a software solution for various real time audio applications, from streaming to MPEG TS in cable and satellite, from sports commentary to on the fly file and podcast conversion. With this solution we are embracing a new but growing market in the European radio industry. Purchasing aixtream is an investment into the future. For the upcoming years we believe that virtualized solutions and cloud services are continuously growing, and we will keep on innovating. In the future we plan to release other software-based solutions for live audio applications to cover a greater market and make the unique advantages of aixtream available to a wider audience.

International Scope

Major German broadcasters like Deutschlandradio, HR, SWR, WDR, SR have chosen aixtream solutions for their web radio streaming, DVB multiplexing or podcast creation for audio on demand. We have developed tailored solutions to their needs and they are fully satisfied with our software solutions. We have started to expand our activities in Europe, in Italy and Spain, in Switzerland and also globally with customers and distributors in Asia Pacific.

If you are interested, check the full list of our partners in the world.