Audio streaming solutions for sound studios and more

SIP and RTP audio streaming and recording for sound studios

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Audio streaming solutions for sound studios and more

Audio streaming over IP, with RTP or SIP, is a classic use case and one that is covered well with aixtream. Ferncast solutions boast many advantages over the competition however. Besides the expected advantages of broad compatibility with protocols and codecs and fulfillment of all audio industry standards, aixtream offers features you will not find anywhere else. This includes easier management of your connections thanks to simple but powerful customization, a very easy and quick to use SIP implementation and advanced monitoring. Especially our SIP features ensure you get your call set up quick and without hassle.

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Why do your IP audio streaming for sound studios with aixtream?

You are running a sound studio and you need to organize live transmissions on a regular basis? It’s your job to connect voice talents to your studio for the next commercial production? You want to get a live feed from another sound studio? You have tried classic pro audio codecs and others but you still haven’t found what you were looking for? You are annoyed by transmission failures, high cost and complicated handlings?

Our main goal when designing aixtream solutions was always maximal usability and swift operation, and not just for high-end professional broadcasters, but anyone involved in audio streaming and recording. Our live audio solutions will fit your particular scale and use case perfectly and at an affordable price. This business is already moving towards software-based solutions, but with aixtream you finally get something truly professional and rock-solid.

If you are annoyed by costs, errors and complicated configuration, our aixtream systems are the alternative you want. It supports all industry standards in codec algorithms, transport protocols and audio inputs.

Studio features

  • easy management of audio streams with the Ferncast PIPE Concept
  • all industry standards, algorithms and protocols supported
  • broad compatibility with other devices and services
  • can be installed on conventional 19“ hardware or smaller devices
  • flexible but simple SIP implementation

Studio products

You can be sure that aixtream solutions will get your audio streaming with RTP or SIP done quickly and professionally.

Ferncast sound studio solutions

aixtream software

The award-winning audio streaming all-rounder

Can be installed on 19” hardware or smaller devices, fitting your requirements


The customizable 19“, 1 RU solution

Perfect fit for the studio and comes with whichever audio I/O you need.