You are running a sound studio and you need to organize live transmissions on a regular basis? It is your job to connect voice talents to your studio for your next advertisement production? You want to get a live feed from another sound studio? You have tested Musik-Taxis, hardware audiocodecs and others but you still havent found what you were looking? You are annoyed by transmission failures, high cost and complicated handlings?

We have a solution which will simplify your voice transmission and give you the high quality you are looking for: The new Ferncast aixtream technology allows to establish voice over applications the easy way and is compatible to your sound studio environment.

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fernBerrie Studio

with aixtream technology
Cinch In, HP out
the easiest

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fernStudio Light

with aixtream technology
19“ very compact
2 channel I/O

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with aixtream technology
1/2 19“ high density
8 analog/digital I/O

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Production Studios, Advertisement Studios, Recording Studios

Whether you are in charge of your digital playout or master control room, with our products you will find all the standards you need supported.


  • ultra simple to use
  • extremely low latency
  • transparent audio quality with HiFi PCM and FLAC
  • extremely reliable and robust
  • compatible with cutting edge OPUS codec and RTP/SIP
  • scales from 2 up to 8 audio channels

From dynamic experts for professional broadcasters.