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SIP audio streaming – affordable and professional

Audio streaming and broadcasting via SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the best and most comfortable way to handle Audio over IP and Voice over IP. Ferncast products like aixtream support various SIP use cases, from conventional bidirectional IP calls to recording of calls and SIP gateway functionality. We support you every step of the way with our own SIP server. In addition to the SIP functionality in our software, we provide you with affordable and professional SIP accounts to facilitate your SIP calls and streams. Whether you are a voice actor or sound studio using SIP to simplify IP calls or a broadcaster needing power user features, our SIP services have you covered.

Registering for SIP addresses is simple. Contact us with the form below to request your SIP accounts today.

Customers who use aixtream for SIP calls may receive their SIP accounts at even lower rates. Ask us about it when you purchase your aixtream SIP system!

Ferncast SIP Services

Advantages of Ferncast SIP services

SIP accounts from Ferncast offer these and more advantages for you:

  • exceptionally affordable prices for basic functionality – enough for many customers
  • very high compatibility and error-avoidance – you can focus on your calls
  • powerful monitoring and management features for power users, including call monitoring, call history, centralized online phonebooks, expanded support
  • quick and competent support by the Ferncast SIP team

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