The next public live event, such as sport events or elections aref approaching and you feel nervous because of complicated work flows? You fear problems with compatibility and you are afraid of dropouts during broadcasting?We have the best solution for your needs: with Ferncast aixtream technology™  all reporting and OB-Van applications are compatible with an outstanding range of supported standards, and can establish fast audio connections which are kept alive for as long as you desire.

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with aixtream technology 1/2 19“ high density simple to operate

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with aixtream technology 1/2 19“ high density 8 analog/digital I/O

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fernStudio light

with aixtream technology 19“ very compact 2 channel I/O

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Reporter, Commentator, OB-Van-Operator, Live-Event-Planer

Whether you are in charge of your digital playout or of a master control room,  our products are compatible with a large range of supported standards. You will get the best audio solution for your needs. Ferncast develops streaming audio, radio streaming and audio transmission solutions for professional broadcasters.


  • easy functionality control via WebRemote or touch control (fernReport)
  • compatible with SIP and EBU 3326
  • support of all state-of-the-art codecs, e.g. OPUS, AAC
  • supports major audio formats such as AES67, AES/EBU, analog
  • far end remote control
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