RTP and SIP audio streaming for reporters and commentators

Portable audio streaming and recording for reporters and commentators

Audio reporting and commentating with RTP and SIP calls is a classic broadcasting use and aixtream is the perfect modern solution for it. We have helped sports club and commentators get their job to the next level with our custom aixtream implementations.
aixtream SIP Software

Why do your commentating and reporting with aixtream solutions?

The next public live event, such as sport events or elections are fast approaching and you feel nervous because of complicated work flows? You fear problems with compatibility and you are afraid of dropouts during broadcasting?We have the best solution for your needs: with Ferncast aixtream technology™ all reporting and commentating applications are compatible with an outstanding range of supported standards, and can establish fast audio connections which are kept alive for as long as you desire.

Reporting Screenshot

Audio streaming and recording solutions for reporters and commentators

Reporter solutions have many unique requirements and with aixtream we are offering a solution which was built alongside customers.

Portable audio streaming solutions with aixtream are available as complete box solutions with touch screen and also installations for use with tablets and smartphones. Because of your affordable scaling you can upgrade your reporting even with a small budget.

Reporting audio features

  • touchscreen-optimized controls, operating directly on the device per touchscreen or via tablet or smart phone
  • support for all inputs and outputs – analog, digital, Dante, AES67 and more
  • customizable Dashboard for simplified control and monitoring
  • all industry standards, algorithms and protocols supported
  • flexible and broadly compatible SIP implementation

Reporting audio products

Reporting covers both the job of the reports as well as colleagues such as the OB van operators. We have fitting solutions for both.

Ferncast reporting solutions

aixtream software

The award-winning audio streaming all-rounder

You can install aixtream on a piece of hardware that fits in your hand and then operate it however you like.


The customizable 19“, 1 RU solution.

Perfect fit for the OB van and comes with whichever audio I/O you need.