Audio encryption, audio backup upload, VPN

Audio encryption, audio backup upload, VPN

aixtream CAPT Software

Secure audio recording and streaming, including audio encryption, audio backup upload and VPN, is a vital concern for many users and it is one of the main use cases that the development of aixtream was focused on in its earliest stages. We worked in close cooperation with many security agencies to provide functionality that satisfies the highest standards of secure audio recording and streaming.

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One secure audio solution with everything you need and more

Our solutions provide all the functionality you need for absolutely secure 24/7 operation of your audio recording and streaming. Furthermore, unlike solutions that have been designed solely for security use cases, with aixtream and fernSecurity you can benefit from all the advantages that a multi-purpose live audio solution brings.

Security features

  • FLAC lossless audio recording, plus support for all other conventional codec algorithms
  • GPG-based audio and file encryption
  • File upload for backup and external storage via rsync, Samba, FTP, SFTP or HTTP
  • DTMF transmission
  • comprehensive event and commentary logging and journal export

Secure audio recording and streaming products

Trust in the fernSecurity, the tried-and-true box solution used by many security agencies or take advantage of your own infrastructure with a secure aixtream installation.

aixtream software

The award-winning audio streaming all-rounder

You can install aixtream on a piece of hardware that fits in your hand and then operate it however you like.


The complete box solution

for secure audio capturing and encryption, with 8 in/outputs, analog and digital