Encrypted audio transmission in transparent quality and logging all events!

It’s your responsibility to establish secure audio connections? You require event logging and documentation and more within your organization? For you, security is crucial and requires reliable state-of-the-art encryption? You need the highest audio quality while being flexible in used bitrates for varying conditions?

With fernSecurity, Ferncast offers a new state-of-the-art device for secure transmission of audio signals with up to eight audio channels. With Ferncast’s aixtream technology you get the best modern audio coding algorithms and encryption methods.

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with aixtream technology
1/2 19“ high density
8 analog/digital I/O

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Security Institutions, Police, Intelligence Services

Whether you are a manager of an IT department in a security organization or you need to organize the next encrypted audio transmission, with our Ferncast products you will get highest audio quality with ultra low latency for transmission and recording/logging.


  • different operator levels
  • work flows adapted to security organization needs
  • ultra simple to use
  • low latency, transparent audio quality
  • extremely reliable and robust
  • 8 channel I/O

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