Ferncast announced the launch of its powerful 2 RU codec device fernStation in Europa.

The fernStation is an extremely powerful and silent 2 RU codec device powered by aixtream, which supports a truly massive number of channels. It has more than enough power to run many dozens of streams of even resource-intensive codec algorithms at once, while distributing the streams to the CDN as an OTT streamer or creating recordings of the streamed audio.

The fernStation is cooled entirely passively via heat pipes, it is furthermore designed for easy implementation into racks with its handles and front-facing USB slots.

All in one:

The fernStation is a veritable toolbox and highly customizable. No matter whether you want to handle multiple SIP transmissions, set up an OTT streaming platform or perform DVB encoding and transcoding, no matter the protocols or algorithmsrequired, no matter the number of channels needed, the fernStation can do it all. The hardware can also be customized to answer specific needs, like adding additional interfaces or redundancies.

Main features:

  • Straightforward all-in-one solution for high capacity applications with AES67 and MADI for 64 channels I/O
  • Opus, Ogg, mp3, L2, AAC, xHE AAC and many more
  • Powered by aixtream, a scalable software solution developed by Ferncast

Target audience: Broadcast Hub and concentrators, large-scale OTT stramers, large-scale DVB transcoders

Availability: Immediately

Ferncast’s mission is to provide the best audio streaming experience to its users.

 You can visit their newly redesigned website to learn more about fernStation:

 Contact info:

Virginie Davin Danker

tel: +491622689389

Written by Virginie Danker

Virginie studied at the EDHEC Business School in France and received her degree as Master-Marketing She has a lot of experience in the telecommunication industry and has lived in places all over the world, including Paris, Helsinki, Buenos Aires and Amsterdam before joining the Ferncast team in Germany as Marketing Manager. She is responsible for all marketing activities and planning, as well as being our PR contact at Ferncast.

January 19, 2020

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