What’s new with aixtream?

new release of aixtream software 3.4 audio streaming AAC

Another quarter, another batch of aixtream updates! Since May of this year, we are on version 3.4 of aixtream. With the new releases, we have significantly improved HLS functionality (including support for Dolby AC-4 channels), added new SIP features, and improved many streaming and AAC options.

Find out some of the  new features:

  • HLS extended codec tags and channel attributes for Dolby E-AC-3 and AC-4 support
  • new catch-up mode for redundant HLS streaming setups, allowing redundant systems to quickly reassemble full playlists after a failover
  • option to send DTMF init sequences via SIP INFO (configurable via Phonebook)
  • added support for multiple high-end USB headsets
  • Fraunhofer AAC en-/decoder updated

Learn more about aixtream software: 


Written by Tobias Dornbusch

Tobias studied International Professional Communication at the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences and devotes his skills in Technical Translation and Editing to various tasks here at Ferncast. As our foremost wordsmith he takes care of most kinds of communication, including documentation and support. He ensures that our communication including blogs is both professional and modern.

July 27, 2023

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