Deep dive into aixtream Ecosystem

aixtream ecosystem audio streaming software

 aixtream 24/7 audio software has been growing continuously and supports many features:

  • Streaming with all type of encoding and protocols. This includes even the most state of the art, such as xHE AAC and packaging for Dolby Atmos. Our webradio playout supports HLS, Icecast, RTMP and more. 
  • Communication via SIP and WebRTC. Not only supporting classic audio I/O, but also Gateway with audio-over-IP (AES67, Dante, LiveWire, Ravenna and more).
  • File processing to generate files of various types of on-demand streaming formats (HLS, DASH, CMAF). This also includes interfacing with playlist scheduling APIs (like MusicMaster), implementation of crossfades and cue in/outs as well as loudness adjustment. 
  • Transcoding and Studio-Transmitter-Linking are easily covered thanks to the broad range of protocols (incl. SRT, RIST) and encoding algorithms supported.
  • DAB and FM monitoring for reception of DAB/FM signals for monitoring, archival or format conversion into any other output listed here.
  • DVB mux/demux for input/output of DVB-compliant MPEG TS. The demux can also be used for format conversion into any other output listed here. 
  • aixtream can now be run on your bare metal generic servers and MINI PCs, in a VM or in the Cloud — including deployed in Docker container, e.g., for AWS. 

Other miscellaneous features include sat reception, loudness control, secure audio and event logging, audio delay management

Cutting edge software technology will improve your workflow & reach more listeners!


Written by Tobias Dornbusch

Tobias studied International Professional Communication at the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences and devotes his skills in Technical Translation and Editing to various tasks here at Ferncast. As our foremost wordsmith he takes care of most kinds of communication, including documentation and support. He ensures that our communication including blogs is both professional and modern.

October 11, 2023

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