Two aixtream systems are successfully running in the network DMZ of ams audio media service on virtual machines

Two aixtream systems are successfully running in the network DMZ of ams audio media service on virtual machines

Audio media Service Produktionsges. mbH & CoKG (ams) is a long-running aixtream customer. They have used and tested aixtream software for a variety of applications. Currently their main use for aixtream is as a system for DMZ-based input of audio files from the internet, which are then streamed into their internal network via RTP.

Two aixtream systems — one main and one backup system — are running in ams’ network DMZ on virtual machines of type XenServer. These systems use internet and cloud sources as well as AES67 playout sources and processes these into 14 Opus-encoded RTP streams, which are then transmitted to ams’ internal network for final decoding. This workflow includes a fully redundant setup, with both aixtream systems being complete mirrors of each other and the backup system thus delivering a full set of redundant streams. Virtualized installations on existing XenServers kept the implementation simple, whereas the addition of conventional hardware products would have increased the complexity of the network.

The use of aixtream in a DMZ also benefits from its extensive security and network configuration features. Running a complex network is often a difficult task, but aixtream helps the user with exhaustive options for configuration and analysis of network traffic and handling.

For ams the main reasons for choosing aixtream as a solution were:

  • The handling of internet audio as input for RTP streams — no solution offered such a specific functionality as straightforwardly as aixtream.
  • The possibility of installing aixtream on the existing XenServer infrastructure in their DMZ. No additional hardware was required.
  • Their extremely positive experiences with Ferncast’s Development and Support teams during the initial testing of aixtream. Ferncast reacted swiftly to requests and gave extensive assistance during setup.
  • Competitive pricing of the backup system which was made possible thanks to the flexibility of a software-only solution.
  • aixtream’s modern UI, which was suited perfectly to the setup and monitoring of their very specific application.

Since this project, Ferncast and ams have spent a lot of time in close cooperation on multiple tests of other potential applications for aixtream, for example in the area of SIP communication for reporting. Currently they are scoping out the possibility for a project using whole new aixtream features. Both companies look forward to the results of these tests and many more projects together.

Ferncast’s software solution aixtream™️ is a scalable software, running as server or VM installation. It is constantly being improved and new features are added.

You can visit their website to learn more about aixtream

About Ferncast GmbH: Ferncast is a company for software-based audio streaming, broadcasting and recording solutions which combines expertise and experience in audio transmission and audio streaming technologies for radio and broadcasting industries. They develop innovative software solutions for any live audio applications with an eye towards installable software solutions and cloud-based services on servers and other platforms. They are dedicating their research and development resources to continuously develop and improve aixtream – a software solution for various real-time audio applications.

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Written by Virginie Danker

Virginie studied at the EDHEC Business School in France and received her degree as Master-Marketing She has a lot of experience in the telecommunication industry and has lived in places all over the world, including Paris, Helsinki, Buenos Aires and Amsterdam before joining the Ferncast team in Germany as Marketing Manager. She is responsible for all marketing activities and planning, as well as being our PR contact at Ferncast.

October 04, 2022

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